My latest astrophotography guide now available to order.

Star-Gazing Guide to High Resolution Lunar & Planet Imaging.
My latest imaging guide is now available to order from my online shop.
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Almost 2 years in the writing, trying out lots of different techniques, this edition of my astrophotography guide leads you step by step through a number of tried and tested image capture and processing workflows to help you get the very best out of your lunar and planet imaging.

My guide covers the taking of video images and subsequent stacking and post-processing using a number of software packages.

Among the techniques covered within this guide are:

  • Introduction to the planets and Moon.
  • The equipment and accessories used to take images.
  • Why we use videos to capture Moon and Planet images.
  • Using SharpCap to capture Moon & Planet images.
  • Stacking the video files using AutoStakkert! and AstroSurface.
  • Sharpening the stacked images using Registax and AstroSurface.
  • Colour correcting images using Registax and AstroSurface.
  • Final image polishing using Photoshop and Affinity Photo.

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High Resolution Lunar & Planet Imaging

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