T Coronae Borealis – Possible outburst this year?

T Coronae Borealis (T CrB) is a red giant star lying 3,000 light years away.
This extremely interesting star is usually about magnitude +10, which is well below naked eye visibility, but it is reaching the end of its life. As a result, the star has regular outbursts about every 80 years, and when in outburst can reach magnitude +2, giving it the nickname of The Blaze Star.
At maximum magnitude it will be easily seen with the naked eye being about the same brightness as The Pole Star, Polaris. It will stay this bright for a month or two, before fading back to magnitude +10.

I took this wide angle image of Corona Borealis on the 2nd of June 2024, which indicates the position of T CrB, not far from Epsilon CrB. It was still a faint magnitude +10 at this time, so has not erupted yet.

Keep looking up folks, because you just never know when T CrB it might start coughing.
Good luck.

Corona Borealis 20240602 Annotated


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