If you cannot make any of my workshops, you can purchase my step-by-step astrophotography guides.
They take you through the techniques I use in an easy to follow format, to make the best out of your hard-earned data.

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The new 100 page expanded edition of my Star-Gazing Guide to Affinity Photo Astrophotography Image Processing is now available to order. This includes the new astrophotography tools included in the package introduced in February 2021.


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Affinity Photo and Photoshop, Deep Sky Stacker and Moon Imaging Guides (70, 40 & 48 pages respectively) are also available from my shop.

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All of my guides can be ordered from my secure online shop:
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My Solar Imaging Guide is no longer available directly from me as I have run out of printed copies.
It will be re-published after a major update, as my solar image taking and processing work-flow has changed enormously since the first edition was published.
If you cannot wait for the new edition, the old edition is still available to purchase on Amazon.