I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted into the SOLARACTIVITY affiliate Program.

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Pamela Shivak has written the following as an introduction to the Program.

“I’m excited to announce the launch of the Solaractivity Affiliate Program!

It is the goal of Solaractivity Co-Owners John W ONeal II, Randy Shivak and myself, Pamela Shivak, to spread the science of solar astronomy, solar imaging, solar outreach and pro-amateur collaborations to as many people around the world as possible, while promoting our Affiliates endeavors as well.

We feel that such alliances will prove to be mutually beneficial and achieve the goals we all hope to achieve!

The roles and duties of an Affiliate at this point in time is to promote Solaractivity and our yearly worldwide events on whatever social media at their disposal. We ask that they prominantley display the Solaractivity Affiliate Logo somewhere on their facebook page or website, preferably with a link back to this Solaractivity Group page.

Affiliates are also encouraged to share images and content posted on the Solaractivity board periodically on their Facebook pages via a direct link back to our group.
As the program evolves and grows, we will endeavor to define the role of affiliates and expectations.

As for our part, we will promote our Affiliates social media Facebook pages and websites and links in the Affiliate Album and will encourage our members to visit, join and participate in our Affiliates Astronomical endeavors. We’re happy to have a membership base of over 24,000 worldwide that will benefit our Affiliates exposure and hopefully drive membership and support to their own groups and astronomical endeavors.
We’re excited about this new program and hope you are too!

Pamela S Shivak