Thank you to my fabulous audience, readers, attendees and schools for the great comments below sent to me about my presentations, workshops, books and school visits.

Click here to find out what children say about my school STEM Workshops and planetarium visits.

“This book guides you through all of the basic processes involved in stacking and enhancing astro images using Affinity Photo for both one shot colour and filtered monochrome imaging. Each process is fully described, step-by-step, with screen shots at each stage, and what the process is doing to your image is explained. The book refers to example files which are downloadable from the authors website, or you can use your own data. I do EAA, so parts of the book (stacking) didn’t apply, but those that did have been very useful. Previously I used Affinity Photo astrophotography macros whose effects I didn’t really understand so my processing was a bit hit and miss. Now the processes explained in this book are giving me much better results, with much more control over, and understanding about, what I’m doing.”

“I’ve almost worked through the book now. I’ve been following your Curves, Levels, Background Removal, Vibrance process, and using layer masks which are completely new to me, then using NoiseXTerminator at the end. I’ve reprocessed some snapshots that I’d previously processed in Affinity Photo using the JR Macros and the new process from your book is giving much better results. Thanks again, for the book and your help with the sample files.”

“Dave is a natural with kids! His planetarium show for my son’s birthday was fantastic. He tailored everything to the age group, answered all their questions with patience, and made the whole experience so much fun. Thanks for making the party a blast, Dave!”

“Dave ran a planetarium show and rocket-building workshop for my son’s 7th birthday party and it was truly out of this world! Dave had 24 kids paying attention throughout the show which was a 45 minute tour of the solar system. He then provided all the supplies and guidance needed for them to create and launch their own stomp rockets. My son and his friends all had a brilliant time – I think we have a few new budding astronomers in our midst!”

“Thank you for attending our school. The children had a wonderful day.”

“The multi-layer processing guide in the 2nd edition is priceless.” (Affinity Photo Guide).

“I just wanted to say thank you for your visit. We received great feedback from the children and parents and it was a brilliant addition to the experience day. I shall be in contact shortly to rebook for next year 🙂”

“Thank you for a wonderful day. The children really enjoyed the experience.”

“The planetarium experience fully supported our Science curriculum. The children had been learning about space and Dave enabled us to bring it to life for them. The children were fully immersed in the experience and there was definite awe and wonder.”

Last night our members enjoyed a great talk by @Dave_StarGeezer Dave Eagle: In the Footsteps of Piazzi Smyth: Astronomical Adventures in Tenerife. A lovely mixture of travel, geography, reminiscences and astronomy!”

“Two very useful guides I purchased on Sunday at the astrophotography event I attended in Northampton. What they lack in page count, they more than make up for in concise information. In both cases they they offer practical, step by step information from capture to processing. Seeing is doing, as they say and I reckon I’m going to get more out of these than I’ve so far gleaned from many of the more weighty tomes I have; in fact, in many ways these will help me understand better the information within those other tomes.”

“Thank you for the wonderful planetarium this week, are we please able to book in for the same time next year.”

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and were fascinated by what they saw!  Thank you very much for giving them this outstanding experience!”

“Thank you for a very entertaining talk last night which the members thoroughly enjoyed.”

“Thanks for the superb session on Affinity Photo. I feel like I now have a much better understanding of what’s going on and a work flow process which will provide a structure and support for future work. I learnt so many new things but the explanation was always clear and made sense. It was a great and enjoyable learning process and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend your 121 sessions so much so that I looking forward to my next one.”

“Thank you so much Dave, it was a great evening”

“Thank you for the wonderful experience for all of our children- it was a great morning!”

“Thank you so much for yesterday! We had such a great day and the children loved it!”

“The children can’t stop talking about it. They’re buzzing.”
A week later – “The children are still buzzing about the experience!”

“I’d watched some videos but they weren’t really helping me develop a useful process. But what you laid out was clear, concise and easy to follow/replicate repeatedly. Thank you!”

“You did a fantastic job Dave…. you put on a flippin’ good show.”

“Was a great night Dave, and some footage I hadn’t seen before. It’s a must see presentation if haven’t seen it already.”

“Thank you again for your enthusiasm and effort last week; the children were absolutely buzzing afterwards 😄. I look forward to welcoming you back next year!”

“Thank you so much for today! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it was really lovely speaking to some of the girls in the class who said they loved learning about the science behind everything as well as just doing the practical bits”

“That’s the best WOW! day I’ve ever had” (Teachers comment).

“Thank you so much for your outstanding talk on Friday. The whole evening had a real buzz about it. You spoke with such knowledge and also in a way that engaged pupils, from the excited younger ones to the older ones who stayed behind at the end to ask you questions. That kind of broad engagement is a rare feat, so thank you.”

“Thank you again so much for last night – the kids (and adults!) had an absolute blast! The children loved being in the massive planetarium. It was an event the children will remember for a long time, thank you so much!”

“Following up on your talk to our girls yesterday- the feedback from the girls was that it was ‘really interesting, the speaker was very enthusiastic and gave an insight into areas of space exploration that we were not aware about’. They clearly gained a lot of from your talk. I would like to express my thanks to you on behalf of the girls for generously giving your time to them – it is much appreciated. I also wonder if I may perhaps call on you again at some point in the future?”

“That was the best talk we have had.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful talk. We are so appreciative.”

“Thank you for such an interesting and entertaining talk on Friday about the wonders of the night sky. It was a great pleasure to meet you, and hope you will come back to the school again.”

“Thanks so much for your recent visit. The children loved it and it really helped to inspire them about space.”

We were delighted to have an absolutely fascinating talk this evening by @Dave_StarGeezer about the Voyager missions.”

“Thank you for a wonderful talk tonight, we will be in touch for a follow up talk.”

“Great book, I’ve picked up some good tips from it. ”

“Thank you again for last night it was both informative and entertaining. For yours sins I have added you to our list of future speakers”

“Members thought it was great and very inspiring. Thank you once again for a great presentation.”

“An excellent evening of instruction on how to get the best images of the night sky rom our DSLR cameras without having to invest initially in expensive equipment. I was a presentation packed with tips and tricks. Dave certainly knows his stuff and is happy to share his knowledge.”

Fascinating Astrophotography evening with @Dave_StarGeezer last night.”

“Brilliant evening with Dave Eagle tonight, learnt so much about Astrophotography….thank you.”

“I wanted to thank you for such a hands on, excellent publication. As a novice trying to learn how to capture and process photos of deep sky objects, the Guide is just what I have been seeking, and so appreciate your extremely useful Guide. I have become a real fan of your good work.”

“Your instructions produce fantastic images.”

“When are you planning for more entertaining and informative sessions?”

“Since attending Dave’s Deep Sky Imaging workshop at Banbury back in Nov 2018, I appreciated his ability to make a ‘dark art’ achievable, by adopting a hands-on and KISS approach rather than blinding me with science.
Naturally, I purchased several of his guide books on the day,  soon adding the rest to make a full set covering how to image the Sun, the Moon, and Deep Sky. I bought his Photoshop guide (although I didn’t use that software, preferring the more affordable Serif Affinity Photo), so was delighted to see him adding support for Affinity Photo in a new book in Feb 2020.
All of Dave’s books are packed with practical, no-nonsense explanations and advice, so get well used, frequently referred to, so are excellent value for money, and I would recommend all of them to learn or improve your skills. It’s like having Dave sitting there explaining it to you.. ?

“Never knew you could pack so much cutting edge info in 30 minutes…lots of people have been inspired… ?

“I have several of Dave Eagles guides and they are regularly consulted. This is a timely tome, more of a pocket guide, it will get you up and running when processing astrophotography images.”

Really enjoyed your presentation. Although I’m a professional astronomer I never get tired of looking at the Moon through a telescope, great images, fantastic stuff.”

“Your Affinity photo guide has come to my aid! I was trying to work out how to stack 2 sets of exposures of Orion Nebula. I have started using Pixinsight (basing my core knowledge on what you taught me) but couldn’t work out how to do the multi exposure thing. Went back to your guide and Affinity and managed to do it.”

“An amazing awe inspiring session learning about stars and space with @Dave_StarGeezer Thanks so much! The children were captivated and asked fascinating questions. Absolutely brilliant!”

I just used your excellent Guide to Deep Sky Stacker book that I bought from you to stack some pics of Neowise. Deep Sky Stacker has always been a rather impenetrable  program for me and I have tended to use Autostakkert instead probably when I really should have used DSS. Anyway your little book made the program so easy to get results and even brought out the ion tail in the comet – incredible and thank you so much for writing such an excellent and simple guide.”

“Thanks for writing the Affinity Photo book! I received it yesterday and I am busy working thought the work flows again today and now I am now getting images that I am much happier with ?”

“Much thanks Dave. It’s a good quality book and well up to date.”

“Yet again, Dave gets it spot on. His introduction to Affinity Photo was first class and his demonstration of curves was worthy of the price itself!! If you’re new to image processing or would just like a refresher, this course is for you. Apart from covering the basics, the sections on curves, layers and masks is suitable for all levels. Being a long time imager myself, it was surprising how many little tips I took away. So if you’re still having any doubts, just do it – you wont be disappointed. And all for less than a round of drinks in the pub.”

I wanted to complement you on your book “A Guide To Taking And Processing Webcam Images”. Without question this is the best source to get started in solar astrophotography. I started Imaging the Sun with my Lunt 60 telescope and have carefully followed your book and achieved pleasing results so far. I’m based in the USA and really want to say thanks for providing this great book. It is superior to anything on YouTube as it provides clear instructions from the very basic level for beginners. There is no guesswork involved and great results can be obtained early on.”

I really enjoyed Dave’s Zoom workshop today on Affinity Photo. Engaging,  informative, and great value for money – what wasn’t there to like about the session?  I would definitely be interested in taking part in further sessions on this and other aspects of astronomy, and have already recommended the course to my astronomy club members.”

“Thank you very much Dave for the 2 hours online one-to-one tuition. The online exchange via zoom worked perfect for this purpose. I learned everything I need to know about stacking (Deep Sky Stacker) and processing (Affinity Photo) my pictures correctly. In addition it was very enjoyable to chat with you about the process of taking pictures and astronomy equipment. If I have any questions in the future about this nice hobby, you will be my first contact!”

“First met Dave at a talk he did for Breckland Astro.and purchased one of his guides for Deep Sky Stacker. Have purchased several since and all are clearly laid out and give more than sufficient information. I have no hesitation in recommending these guides and have several times in the past.”

“Thanks to a great book I found by @DaveEagle45. Taken my processing has improved with easy to follow guide!”

“I’m loving the Affinity Photo book, as always you make the bewildering easy.”

“Just had a one-to one session from dave who travelled down to me ( 3 hr round trip ) to help me out and explain the basics of DeepSkyStacker and Affinity Photo. What i really appreciated was the way he uncomplicated something quite complex and only delved into areas that were relevant to me. This left me confident that I could now continue, with some practise to take decent astro images and develop them to their best. If you are a bit stuck or like me struggle with computers and software programmes and despair when you hit a brick wall then Dave is the answer .
I will certainly be looking to use Dave’s knowledge and expertise again in the not too distant future.”

“Dave Eagle’s book is great for astrophotography – highly recommend it. ? It’s great that the Affinity suite of software, especially Affinity Photo, is getting more recognition and is a cheaper, viable alternative to the Adobe suite.”

“I have just read your book on Photoshop processing for astroimaging. I really enjoyed reading it. It is simple, effective and well structured.”

“Thank you  for your school visit, the children, from year 1 to the year 5’s, really enjoyed learning in the planetarium and found lots to talk about once we were out! The year 1’s loved designing, making and then flying their rockets, such a wow afternoon!”

“My class and I had the pleasure of spending a whole school day with Dave. We learned about everything from Tim Peake’s time on the ISS,  to the Moons of Mars. The planetarium was absolutely fantastic with high quality educational videos and beautiful animations that transported us from the school hall, all the way out and into space. The children had the opportunity to plan, design and build space rockets and launch them on the school field, which was a highlight of the day.  The children were absolutely captivated as were the staff. We can’t wait to invite Dave back to share more of his passion and knowledge with us in the future. Thank you for inspiring the children. They have been talking about you and their day with you, ever since you left.”

“Our planetarium day with @DaveEagle45  from @PlanetariumDome was sensational! To show you how much we enjoyed it, we made you a little video. We wish we could do it all over again ⭐ ? ? ?

“May I say how much I enjoyed Saturday. For someone who has taken no more than 5 night sky images I found the way everything was presented great. I certainly went away with a greater understanding of how the equipment worked and how to use the software. The relaxed nature of the presentation and making a novice feel at ease was appreciated. So much to absorb. I found the morning session fascinating. The thought that I could take a series of images and then process them to get a better image was brilliant. Enjoyed the day and thank you.”

“I enjoyed the introductory course on Saturday. A clear description of the basic ideas and procedures presented in a lively style with the addition of your personal Astro anecdotes! The hands-on sessions with the software were very useful and the various examples of your own work gave the beginner a clear idea of what could be achieved with the methods discussed. The day was a relaxing and friendly introduction conducted by an enthusiast. Thank you!”

For anyone into astronomy and photography, this is a great introduction and course delivered by Dave in a friendly and informative way.  It will allow you to progress into astrophotography and break through the initial learning curve with confidence.  I’ve enjoyed being on the course and benefitted greatly. If you get the chance to go, do!

“The book has helped me more than any You Tube video I’ve watched, and I’ve watched loads!”

“Your visit was an amazing part of our Space Week and the children loved it; we’re very grateful to you for kicking off our week in style.”

“I wish I had read this before. It is the best Guide to Processing that I have ever read.”

“Thank you so much for yesterday. The children really enjoyed the experience. Many teachers also commented on how the children were ‘buzzing’ about the day too. The children particularly enjoyed the Planetarium itself, launching the rockets and also the amazing assembly!

“Thanks Dave for another great workshop on ‘Photoshop for Astrophotography’. The friendly atmosphere, tea & biscuits and chat between all who attended were great. You filled some gaps in my knowledge especially on ‘Layer Masks’ and the use of the ‘Luminosity Layer’ were most useful.”

“If you reach this book at the right time, it might help someone keep up an interest in astronomical observations.
Also this book is certainly one that is useful to read from cover to cover rather than just dipping in where you think it might interest you – it’s so well written that you might just find that something you’ve considered boring to observe, is the most exciting object to draw or keep coming back to in different conditions. It functions exceedingly well at really showing the reader how to go from basics to paying close attention to what, when and how you observe and record. Highly recommended!”

“Thank you for your hard work Dave and excellent presentation.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming in to our school. The children absolutely loved your visit and were really inspired.”

“The final image I get when I finally work through to the end is quite mind-blowing. All that data ‘hidden’ within the original file – quite amazing. Thanks for your dedication and hard work, I am really enjoying working with these images and books.”

Year 5 had an out of this world visit from ? Star Gazing Dave ? today. They enjoyed a talk about planets and the ISS in the planetarium this morning, before building and launching rockets in the playground this afternoon. ? A fab day was had by all. ? ? ?

“”Thank you again for a brilliant and impressive talk last night!”

“Thank you so much for the superb assembly this morning, KS2 were telling me about it all day! We really are very grateful for your time and for kicking off our Space Week.”

“The bottle rocket workshop was a really fun and engaging educational activity which allowed all of our children to take part. The children showed great excitement and enthusiasm and were able to work collaboratively to achieve the outcomes that you had set at the beginning of the workshop. The workshop also included an outdoor learning aspect which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  We would highly recommend your workshops to other primary schools and would be keen to have these workshops in the future.”

“Our KS2 children had an amazing space themed STEM assembly this morning where they learnt all about how rockets are launched and the effect of gravity. #educationwithcharacter.

“A great way to spend a Monday.”

“The kids were full of it and so excited they couldn’t wait to tell year 4 how much they enjoyed the show.”

“That was fantastic!”

“If we could do this every Monday it would be really nice.”

“The kids have been raving about it.”

“Casual excellence and informative as always.”

“Very informative and entertaining talk, looking forward to the next time.”

“A very informative talk. And kept nice and simple. I learned a lot in one evening.”

“Overall, I thought that this book was the best introduction to astrophotography image processing which I have ever read.
Many books on the subject are very technical and leave the reader blinded with science. However, this title gets straight to the point and gave me quite a few ideas following a quick read.”

“Your mobile planetarium looks great and was recommended to me by a family member who took her little boys to Beccles Library, I think.  They were talking about it for days!”

“I would like to thank you for your talk to us last night of the ‘Whistle stop tour of the Universe’. This was a most enjoyable and mind boggling journey on our beam of light!, well presented by someone who obviously enjoys and is very knowledgeable about his subject. It was good to move away from the traditional camera club talk and kept us buzzing in the pub later. Thanks again for a very enjoyable evening and we hope to see you again.”

“Thanks so much for a brilliant afternoon – Lots of positive feedback from the children and adults.”

“Brilliant time had by all those that attended today. Great feedback about your knowledge and enthusiasm throughout. Thanks again for coming!”

“My granddaughter came along this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Praised the speaker for his passion and knowledge.”

“Thanks for another great talk.”

“Dave’s planetarium dome presentation was truly “Out of this World”! The contents was very interesting, educational and well composed to capture attendees’ imagination young and old. The imagery in the dome was so clear and real that it made us forget that we were actually in the library. It was truly an amazing experience.  Thank you very much Dave for visiting Weston Favell Library and offering children such a valuable and exciting experience. One customer commented; “This will be something that children will remember for the rest of their lives.”

“Attended Dave Eagles presentation celebration of the 50th year since Apollo 11 moon landing. If you didn’t attend you missed an absolute treat and trip down memory lane.”

“It was a super show!”

“Lovely family trip over to see awesome planetarium show to celebrate today!”

“What a fantastic day and evening with my boy, celebrating 50 years since the moon landing ❤️Thank you Dave Eagle, as always ?”

“Thank you so much Dave. It was fantastic. We had a great time.”

“Great books. Can recommend.”

“My boyfriend still tells people that your talk in March is the best he has ever been too.”

“I just wanted to say a great big ‘well done’ for the fabulous presentations and, of course, the planetarium. It was all brilliant.”

“I would just like to say how much I enjoyed and learnt on your solar imaging course”.

“Just a quick “thank you” for the solar workshop yesterday. It was perfect for me, because the theory was useful and the hands-on “this is how I do it” session on imaging has given me the confidence to have a go at it. There is so much info about image capturing and processing on the net that I had no clue where to start. Your explanation of a simple process with suggested values and techniques, all the way from from capturing data through to producing a final image, is just what I needed. Thanks again”

“Was an excellent course in solar astronomy yesterday. Worth every penny. The only down side was the cloud. Well done Dave a great day and highly informative.”

“I’ve had a cracking day at Dave Eagle‘s Solar workshop today I’ve learnt quite a lot regarding processing imaging so if I get anything that’s half as good as your data we used today I’ll be happy.”

“I honestly think they’re the best thing I’ve seen for beginners in 4 years of looking”

“Great books mine are now falling apart with use.”

“Honestly, without exaggeration, it was like a dream come true to have the Photoshop workflow all set out and to have something to practise on. It’s neat, concise, easy to understand and it was like a lightbulb going off!!!! I honestly can’t thank you enough for this – WHY hasn’t anyone said it like this without droning on and on and confuddling my brain, before you and the sheer EFFECTIVE simplicity of these guides? I can’t even begin to tell you how it’s just all of a sudden been made so clear. Thanks a million for everything Dave – you’ve made a difference. I’d like to say how much I enjoyed your talk and how helpful I find the guides – am not joking but they’re a beginners dream!!!!”

“These are excellent books especially for the beginner. Even I understand them. ?”

“They are great walkthroughs for getting good results.”

“Story of Rosetta and Philae so brilliantly re-told. Thoroughly enjoyed your informative and interesting presentation.”

“Cheers Dave, brilliant course, it’s given my older images a real boost of a revisit ;).”

“Following a brilliant advanced Photoshop course (thanks ) I’ve started reworking some images I have taken.”

“Excellent all round. Very enjoyable session.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable day.”

“Dave came to our Space Day in February and it was absolutely fantastic. He did Planetarium shows for each class of the school which were all tailored to the age group and previous learning of the groups, a brilliant STEM assembly to the whole school and a bottle rocket workshop for our KS2. All of the children were excited and engaged throughout and were all in awe of the wonderful pictures and videos that Dave showed them. They have not stopped talking about Space Day since and we can’t wait to have Dave back again as soon as possible! We cannot recommend Dave highly enough – Thank you for such a totally fantastic day!”

“Very many thanks for your time today. An excellent course, well presented and well delivered.”

“Thank you so much for your assembly and workshop yesterday. The children were really buzzing about it and have been talking about all the facts they learned, as well as about how much fun they had! We are all very grateful to you for giving your time to get our Space Week started in such an exciting way!”

“Your book has been brill, this is the area I really struggled in over the last couple of years with Photoshop and have spent a few nights getting my head round it all, easy to follow and understand.”

“Dave’s talks are great fun. Make sure you make an opportunity to hear him talk.”

“Thanks Dave for an excellent evening of fun and learning. We’ll invite you back soon.”

“Good talk thoroughly enjoyed”

“I found the day extremely useful and your approach to stacking and processing is indeed “Keep it simple”. I would definitely recommend that students purchase your low priced processing guides to remind them of the steps involved. The images that you supply to practice upon cover the main steps and are good to work on. All in all a very enjoyable day”

“A great evening was had by all! Many thanks to Dave Eagle for his fantastic planetarium show”

“Highly recommended to see Dave’s planetarium show!  

“Dave I have read the first 100 pages and surprisingly for me, I understood nearly all the concepts – which I have attributed to your fine authorship rather than any keen perception on my part. A superb book which I will recommend to any newcomer to the hobby”

“I’ve got the book it is excellent!!! I have been looking for something like this for ages”

“Dave came to do a session with the Brownies for our Stargazing badge this February. I can highly recommend him (and Tim Peake)”

“It was the first time I saw my friend Dave Eagle do his Tim Peake talk. What a corker that was especially the audience participation ?”

“The talk included Dave’s expert visuals and some enhancing sound clips all delivered in his informal, yet information packed, style that kept this large audience engaged and entertained”

“Just wanted to say thank you for such an interesting talk on Wednesday. It was good to attend a talk that was both topical, interactive and very interesting”

“Many thanks for your recent excellent presentation on Comets”

“Thanks for your very interesting and inspiring day course. There were so many useful software links and tips in the presentation”

“Great guides. I have 4 of them”

“Really good work through to process Astro photos and help to understand what the different controls do”

“Thanks very much for a very good talk and a very well received one ”

“You’re a great speaker and my son so enjoyed the first meeting we saw you at”

“The children all really enjoyed it and I thought every part was pitched perfectly got them with lots of awe and wonder. Many thanks”

“Let me know if you have any more books coming out as they are great. Written in a language I can understand”

“Really enjoyed the talk and the chance to meet

“This week, Dave Eagle walked us through Tim Peake’s Principia mission from take-off to landing with lots of exhilarating science packed in between! We were treated to a concoction of Dave’s light-hearted anecdotes, slides, videos and demonstrations which made for a very entertaining evening. Dave may even have a tasty banana for you – if you can open it whilst wearing a space-suit!”

“We were talking in the week about how b***dy good your little guides are – perfect for people like us who don’t use Photoshop all of the time, and therefore forget crucial small moves when we get back onto it – so well done and keep up the good work”

“Many thanks for a very informative workshop on Saturday. It was a small group compared to some of the previous courses I have attended. That I felt made it better since it could be much more hands on. You as the instructor can also spend more time addressing individual queries”

“It was a very good workshop, still amazed at what I managed to get out of my shot of the eagle nebula”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your excellent workshop today. I learnt so much and you explained each step of the processes in a patient and understandable way”

“Many thanks for a great astro course today, I had a great time and learnt a whole new load of things I had never seen before. I wonder quite what I have been doing up to now without all of the knowledge I acquired today!! I hope to get to some of your other courses in the near future, you have a great, relaxing style which is supremely inspirational”

“I must say Dave’s guide to imaging and processing solar images was superb. Cheers Dave

“Got your guides on Wednesday – fast delivery – thanks! I’ve read two of them – I like the simple style. I have done most of this, and hoped I would find one or two gems of ideas. I did”

“It’s a great, easy to follow book. I liked the work flow you put in your book. The repeated curve and save approach was simple but very effective at teasing out subtleties. Thanks!”

“Just had a flick through of this Photoshop post-processing guide from and it looks like exactly what I need. Thanks!”

“Really helpful book”

“Very happy with both of mine, written in a way I can understand too 

“I purchased the job lot having already bought the previous Photoshop book. I like the presentation and simplicity. Highly recommended! More please!”

“Your guides are top notch Dave Eagle, I learnt how to use Autostakkert by reading one of your guide books”

“Great little book”

“I thought Dave’s Principia lecture was fantastic. Please go to see it if you get chance”

“Many thanks Dave for a great talk!”

“Attended this course last year – extremely worthwhile, learned such a lot from a knowledgeable tutor and enthusiastic students!”

“Big “THANKS” to Dave Eagle for his Tim Peake talk last night…. and.. interactive too, & a thanks to Major Peake too!”

“Try and buy Dave Eagle books they explain in a easy to understand way”

“I’ve got one of Dave’s Photoshop books. Its been a massive help  

“It’s a must buy if you’re new(ish) to astrophotography. A step by step guide to results.”

“I recently bought 2 of your guides. Deepskystacker and processing images. Just over 2 years ago I purchased a QHY8L OSC cooled ccd camera, previous to this I was using a modified EOS 600D. I did very little post processing of my Canon images after stacking and got some OK images. Once I started using the QHY8L my lack of processing set me back badly and I have not achieved an image with it in just over 2 years, and to be honest had given up using it. Last week I managed to grab an hours data on the North American nebula from my back garden which is horribly light polluted. I have just stacked following your guide and then adjusted in Photoshop using your guide. I was not holding out much hope but WOW, I only spent an hour stacking and using Photoshop. My first ever successful image from the QHY8L. Its only took 2 years and 8 months. Thanks for publishing these handy guides.”

“I like them, simple and easy to follow plus some useful but different info than from other sources. All grist to the never ending mill of Astro-P.”

“Great talk by Dave Eagle last night.”

“Very enjoyable talk this evening”

“Thank you to whose solar imaging workshop helped improve my processing techniques”.

Arrived safe and sound Dave. Already picked up a couple of tips just from flicking through!!”.

“Thanks for running the solar workshop it was a great day even though it was cloudy! Definitely learnt a lot especially on the processing side of things. Worth the money and travel”.

“Excellent introduction to astrophotography processing in Photoshop”

“Thank you for an interesting and informative day – now to play with some old data  “.

“Very enjoyable talk”.

I have Dave’s Photoshop guide which has really helped me, being a complete novice”.

“Thank you very much for your talk last night it was really great and very well received by all”.

“Great talk tonight, thoroughly enjoyed it”.

“It’s fab. An easy to follow step by step guide, I would highly recommend”.

“Having looked through the book, even I can understand it  

“Makes it all seem possible for me to do. Nice and clear.”

“Just what someone new to astrophotography needs. Clear, concise, and in logical working order for the less technical beginner to understand. Revealing the secrets of the dark art.”

“I think they are about right – focussed, short and not trying to cover too much.”

“I thought the pre-course organisation and communication were excellent – allowing time to prepare equipment and software thus maximising benefit on the day.  I think the stretching has now sunk in and I understand better about how much the regions of the curve can be stretched.”

“Picked up a few good tips / tricks that help loads ?

“Entertaining and interesting presentation last night – Thank you!”

“Excellent talk. Thanks Dave.”

“Great book by the way, very informative.”

“Dave clearly explains how to use curves, levels and filters. He also provides a mostly starless image that once the processes in his guide are followed make an image anyone would be proud of. Not to be missed.”

“Highly recommended, really enjoyed it last year”.

“Many thank for Saturdays course. I learnt a great deal just trying to remember it all and use it. Your delivery and approach were spot on and the whole day was excellently presented and worth every penny. Great day.”

“Fantastic day. Great presentation and well presented. Would repeat again to ensure I caught all the data the first time.”

“Many thanks for dispatching the book so quickly. I read through it and it is a great read. It is absolutely fascinating to see your original photo transform like that with a few simple PS alterations.”

“I bought your DSS book, which has been a marvellous help – many thanks.”

“It’s always good your workshops ?.”

“Great talk as always.”

“Your courses have proved invaluable and I look forward to attending again”.

“Another awesome night! Cheers Dave! .”

“Thanks for a well presented and informative workshop today. I found the practical elements really helped my understanding of what’s involved before I commit to exploring the world of astrophotography”.

“I wasn’t sure astrophotography was something I would be keen to have a go at. Came along to keep my hubby company really. Thanks to Dave I now believe that I am going to give it a go and that I actually think that I am going to enjoy it. Bring on the clear skies!”.

“I really enjoyed having a go using the software packages under Dave’s instructions and am looking forward to producing images to be proud of now”.

“Our thanks to for a spectacular multimedia presentation on Tim Peake’s Principia mission to the International Space Station”.

“Just a note to thank you for the fantastic presentation that you gave to the Society last night. I hope that the audience reaction and laughter showed how much it was enjoyed”.

“Thank you for such an interesting day. Your enthusiasm for astronomy was contagious!”.

 “Very informative. So nothing else to say bar the fact I think is a great text, well written 🙂 Look forward to hopefully seeing more :).”

“Many thanks again for your Voyager talk. It was great to have you back and I shall look forward to the next time.”

“As someone still new to astrophotography I have found this guide invaluable. Yes, there are plenty of websites around but sometimes it pays to have a plainly written book in front of you. Better yet all the advice works! Can’t rate highly enough.”

“As a companion guide to Dave Eagle’s Deep Sky Stacker guide, this is an excellent next step. In simple, jargon free text, step by step processes to bring out the best in your stacked astrophotography image are provided using Adobe Photoshop. Dave clearly explains how to use curves, levels and filters. Not to be missed.”

” Dave many thanks for your great Tim talk. Look forward to your next talk.”

“We were absolutely delighted with your presentation on Friday. I know everyone really enjoyed it.”

“Having given such an interesting and entertaining talk on Monday, I know that members will certainly appreciate another talk from you.”

“Just returned from a great talk at Bedford Astronomical where founder member Dave Eagle gave a brilliant presentation on Tim Peake complete with cardboard cutout.”

“What a great talk last night by Dave Eagle and his friend Flat Tim, even the projector joined in. Highlight of the evening was a gun battle between the Club Treasurer and the Hon Sec, unfortunately they both survived. Big thanks to Dave and Flat Tim. Dave will be back next year with another exciting talk.”

“The booklet is short, sweet, and to the point. If you’re an amateur and like having a guide book open next to you while trying to figure out some Photoshop basics, then you may want to give this little book a read.”

“Let’s get serious now. This book has a real power to motivate people who either have recently started out with observations or have had a serious pause in observing for one reason or other (or tens of reasons, as you can find out here)….Dave Eagle’s “From Casual Stargazer to Amateur Astronomer” is a truly wonderful book, a guiding hand that will lead you from losing hope in ever observing anything interesting again, to being inspired and motivated to observe anything and everything.”

“Dave Eagle’s Rosetta talk included many stunning images of 67P and was presented in a most entertaining fashion.”

“If you are just beginning this book will help you move along and really begin to enjoy your hobby of astronomy.”

“Without your course and advice I wouldn’t have achieved this. Your clear and straightforward approach has enabled me to go further, achieve more and yet be much more relaxed about the details. Thanks again!”

“Thanks for coming Dave, people loved it!”

“Your courses build the interest in astrophotography and make it easier to get the more out of the images using Photoshop.  You also certainly have a knack of picking out the really useful things worth learning and finding a way to get it across that is relaxed, makes sense and makes all manner of things become possible.”

“Photoshop is daunting, to say the least, but this short guide book got me to the point where I could pull some nice images out of the photographs that I took. The booklet is short, sweet, and to the point. If you’re an amateur and like having a guide book open next to you while trying to figure out some Photoshop basics, then you may want to give this little book a read.”

“I have recently read your essential Photoshop Techniques booklet and found it very interesting, Thank you very much for demystifying this very complicated process for me.”

“A great practical workshop using one’s own laptop. Dave was brilliant giving step by step instructions to turn basic data frames into stunning photos. Recommended.”

“Fantastic astronomy Photoshop workshop by Dave Eagle. Lots new skills learned, images expect some more processing 

“Thanks Dave for a most entertaining presentation with superb images and animations.”

“I have two of your books: Astrophotography. Essential PS techniques and A guide to stacking images in DSS. Both are more than excellent. Congratulations! :)”

“Dave Eagle’s Rosetta talk included many stunning images of 67P and was presented in a most entertaining fashion.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for a fascinating talk last night. Everyone enjoyed it. Hope to see you back soon.”

“Yet another excellent imaging workshop with valuable background information on the subject matter. Looking forward to the next workshop. Well done Dave.”

“Dave does a great job explaining processing the Histogram and Curves. I finally under stand the process and theory behind these two essential process in astrophotography. Thanks.”

“Thanks very much for your very interesting and informative talk last night, it was extremely comprehensive and must have taken you many hours to put together. ”

“Thanks Dave…great talk last night…very informative and entertaining.”

“Thanks very much for coming last night and giving such a great talk.”

“Thank you very much for your interesting talk this evening. I hope you enjoyed the evening. I certainly did and there were lots of good positive comments from people at the end so I think you may have ignited some enthusiasm for Astrophotography.”

“It was absolutely fantastic as you guided us through “A Whistle-stop Tour of the Universe” (Hitch-hiking on a Ray of Light) – the images were superb – so exotic. It really was out of this world. You explained everything to us so we were able to understand the various unique and incredible shots. We all enjoyed your charismatic friendly personality and do hope we will have the pleasure of another of your talks sometime in the future.”

“I found your book very useful as I don’t have enough time to learn Pixinsight. Reprocessing with your Photoshop tips and tricks really improved my images”.

“I attended one of these workshops last year, and have booked in the January workshop as a refresher, as it is such good value for money. A few years ago I attended a 3hr night photography class by someone in Milton Keynes for £60, so a full day of expert Astrophotography tuition and hands on practical exercises is incredible value for money. (Glad I’ve already booked before saying this…)”

“Compliments on it Dave, well written, well explained.”

“Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the course the other Saturday. It’s finally got me going with Deep Sky Stacker, and being able to get something out of the photos with Photoshop. Once again, many thanks, your insights were really helpful and made for a very enjoyable day.”

I was there, and it was great. Thank you Dave, very well delivered and informative!”

“Dave’s enthusiasm and knowledge is infectious. Willing to help and answer any question”.

“Great to see you again and brilliant talk on Saturday morning, great start to the day’s activities!” Paul Money – Horncastle Astronomy Weekend.

“Thanks Dave for your advice and kind words, as you say the course is just the start and we can all learn from each other. All fired up now for the next imaging session and the next course. Dave you really have been an inspiration and great help”.

“Our club,  had the pleasure of presenting his awesome celebration last night. A great talk!”.

“Thoroughly enjoyed last night (Thumbs Up!).”
“So did I Dave Eagle always delivers doesn’t he”.
“I was worried for people’s anatomy during the target practice. (Not as much as they were.)”.

“Brilliant talk last eve Dave – loved the Newton law demos”.

“Thanks for a great day at the workshop. Hopefully I took most of the information in and can retrieve it when needed 🙂 Anyway I learnt a great deal and things aren’t quite as dark now.”

“Really found your course interesting and I understand more things now”.

“An excellent workshop once again – I gained a lot out of this and two nice pictures.  I was chuffed they were my subs resulting in my images”.

“Really enjoyed today, thanks Dave. Feeling even more inspired now!”

“Thanks for a fantastic talk as always Dave – and I now know comet nomenclature! Bonus!”

As ever with Dave E, it was an entertaining and informative evening. He always delivers, a great evening.”
“I just wanted to say what a great presentation you did tonight on the Rosetta mission. A perfect combination of facts, Images, Videos and FUN.”

“I would recommend Dave’s new Astrophotography Workshop to all, he brings together knowledge and enthusiasm, passing it on to those of all skill levels.”

“I was so looking forward to this ‘hands- on’ course and it lived up to beyond my expectations – I was so enthused I carried on when I got home – thanks Dave you have the patience of a saint – can’t wait for the next one!”

“Thank you again for a well run workshop and I would be very interested in any other workshops you may have in the pipe line. As you said a lot to take on. As I’m new to all of this but I come away from the workshop knowing a lot more than before.”

“Wow, that was some talk last night.  Our members were certainly buzzing with enthusiasm about it and very complimentary about your delivery. Thank you for a very entertaining and informative evening.”

“Dave Eagle’s “From Casual Stargazer to Amateur Astronomer” is a truly wonderful book, a guiding hand that will lead you from losing hope in ever observing anything interesting again, to being inspired and motivated to observe anything and everything and to really observe it and not just look at it”. Review on Astromadness.com

“Dave Eagle’s, ‘From Casual Stargazer to Amateur Astronomer’ is a truly wonderful book … to being inspired and motivated to observe anything and everything and to really observe it and not just look at it. It functions exceedingly well at really showing the reader how to go from basics to paying close attention to what, when and how you observe and record. Highly recommended!”

“I have read it twice now and I must say that it is simply the most valuable book I have read on the topic so far. Many thanks for lighting the way!”.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of our members for an interesting, stimulating and a beautifully presented lecture”.

“Thanks for a fantastic talk, a really good presentation last week, I’m sure all enjoyed it. Have a good Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. P.S. See you next year”.

“Fantastic talk tonight on Rosetta & Philae lander, really enjoyed it!”

“Thank you so much for that amazing talk last night “.

“Fantastic talk from @DaveEagle45 about Rosetta & the plucky lander Philae. So much more science still to come from the mission too!”

“Excellent talk as always from last night. Looking forward to see you at our local club sometime soon”.

“Huge thanks to for his lecture on and 67p last night. Very enjoyable evening “.

“A fantastic talk tonight about Rosetta”.

“I thought I would drop you a quick message to thank you for your talk last week. I found it most interesting and it reinvigorated my waning interest in image processing.”

“…as is always expected from Dave, exceptionally researched. The visuals and facts presented were a reflection of Dave’s enthusiasm for the subject”.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for a very informative and entertaining evening last Thursday. It went down a storm. Members comments were very positive, and everyone could appreciate the amount of work that goes into such a presentation, which you obviously enjoy delivering”.

“Great talk tonight by Dave Eagle. Facts delivered with plenty of stunning photographs, video clips and humour”.

“Just a brief message to thank you for your fantastic talk tonight. We have had many memorable speakers over the years and your presentation was most definitely in that category. Your enthusiasm was very evident and I can honestly tell you that it ended far too soon. Thanks for a riveting talk and hope to see you back again”.

“Just thought I would thank you for your talk on Tuesday, one of the best and informative talks we have had. Thanks hope to see you in the future”.

“Dear Dave, Excellent talk and I’d like to book you for later in the year”.

“I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Society, in thanking you very much for coming along to give an excellent, interesting and entertaining presentation”.

“Just to say thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable talk last night, you mentioned that you have other talks in your repertoire, could you please email details of them for possible future visits”.

“Dave was absolute rubbish! He knew nothing about astrology, and couldn’t tell my fortune!”.
OK, OK, so I made this last one up; but well done for reading down my testimonials this far.
But the others are real comments that have been sent to me or posted on social media.