Comet 144P (Kushida)

Comet 144P (Kushida) is currently visible in Taurus, just west of The Hyades Star Cluster.

I managed to capture it on the evening of the 4th of February as it approached the Hyades Star Cluster.

Hyades Comet 144p Full Stack 20230204 Web

The comet reached its maximum magnitude at the end of January, so is now starting to fade.

The comet moves into Taurus over the next couple of weeks, moving through the Hyades Star Cluster between the 5th and 11th of February.

It passes very close to the bright first magnitude star Aldebaran on the 10th and 11th of February.

It moves into the northern part of Orion in march, passing into Gemini by the middle of March.

The map below shows the movement of the comet during February and March.

Comet 144p Kushina February March



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