Thank you very much to everyone who has invited me to do presentations for them over the years, especially those who have invited me back for repeat visits and have continued with Zoom presentations to enable me to visit more distant groups. It is very much appreciated.

I do enjoy doing these talks and meeting up with great people, but I have now started to reduce how many talks I do, as I am so busy with many other things these days.

I will still be doing the odd talk now and again, especially if it is on Zoom, so please do get in touch if you would like me to do a presentation for your group.

My standard charges for my presentations are £45, plus travelling expenses at 45p per mile.
Zoom presentations are £45.

These are not purely static picture presentations, many of my talks also include video and sound, and in some cases, audience participation—truly multi-media productions.

I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Science Education and am able to adapt my presentations to suit any audience.

Contact me to book your presentation:

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My current presentations include:

The James Webb Space Telescope.
An overview of the new generation telescope studying the near and far universe in infra-red light, showing the latest images and data returned.
Saving Apollo 13: “Houston We’ve Had a Problem Here”.
A look at what went wrong with the Apollo 13 Lunar mission and what it took to get the three astronauts back to Earth safely.
Magnificent Destination:
The Apollo Moon Missions
An audience participation presentation capturing the excitement of the magnificent Apollo Moon Landing Missions in from the late 60’s until 1972.
The-Quest-For-Dark-Skies The Quest for Dark Skies.
Where would you go for dark skies? I tell you of my experiences of observing and imaging overseas with all it’s trial and tribulations, compared to observing from home.
The Voyager Missions.
4 Decades and Counting.

A look back at the highly successful Voyager Missions and their current mission exploring interstellar space outside of the Sun’s heliosphere.
Celebrate Tim Peake’s Principia Mission.
A fun and informative evening looking at Tim’s mission to the ISS, using a multi-media and interactive audience-participation presentation.
PlutoNewHorizons Out of the Darkness:
Pluto, New Horizons & Arrokoth.
A historical look at our lost planet and all the latest results from the fantastic mission of NASA’s New Horizons encounter with Pluto and Arrokoth.
Rosetta & Philae. From Concept to Reality.
An entertaining overview of the Rosetta Mission, capturing the excitement of November 12th 2014 when Philae “landed” on a comet and all the images and results sent back from Comet 67P.
Why The Universe doesn’t give a Fig about you.
The unlikely circumstances of life on Earth developing and the prevalent conditions in the universe that make our very existence very precarious.
The 2017 Total Solar eclipse: To Totality & Beyond!
Our emotional experience of the total solar Eclipse as viewed from Jackson Wyoming. A look at the history of eclipses, And how to plan your own eclipse trip.


A Whistle-Stop Tour of the Universe: (Hitch-Hiking on a Ray of Light)
Join me on a mind-blowing journey from Earth out to the very edge of our observable universe, visiting objects of interest along the way. What better excuse is there to show some beautiful images of our amazing universe and show just how small we are on the grand scale of things?
Comets, Enigmatic and Beautiful Visitors.
A look at comets in history now all the hype has died along with the destruction of “The Comet of the Century” What did we learn from Comet ISON?
In the Footsteps of Piazzi Smyth: Astronomical Adventures in Tenerife.
My adventures as an amateur astronomer  in Tenerife imaging the sky, following in the footsteps of Charles Piazzi Smyth.
Solar Astronomy
Observing and imaging our nearest Star. The equipment and techniques used to observe and image the sun safely.
Whales, Wildlife & My Quest for the Green Flash.
An emotional, extraordinary and unforgettable boat trip around  Baja California and the Sea of Cortez Whale watching. A most touching experience in more ways than one.
Galapagos – In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin.
The wildlife and landscape of The Galapagos Islands and problems caused by Mans invasion of these  remote, isolated and stunning volcanic islands.
Mars: The Red Planet – with  3D.
Past Earth observations, Robot Missions investigating the nature of The Red Planet and the future of Mars exploration.

Please contact me for further information or to arrange your talk.

Dave Eagle.

I will travel to clubs within about an hours drive from my base in Northamptonshire for an evening.
Please refer to this map as a rough guide to my maximum travelling distances.
I will travel further at times, so please contact me to let me know your particular requirements.