British Science Week will soon be upon us.
It takes place from the 8th until the 17th March 2019. 
As you can imagine, that’s a really busy time.
So book early to avoid disappointment.

To educate and entertain your students I can lead a number of astronomical related activities in your school.

For more details of these activities see the rest of this Web site below.

“The children all really enjoyed it and I thought every part was pitched perfectly got them with lots of awe and wonder. Many thanks”

The variety and mix of activities can be totally flexible and can be varied depending on the needs at your school.

Click on the E Mail address below to contact me to arrange a visit to your school.

Pick and choose to book any combination of activities to occupy either half or a full day.

Tim Peake STEM Presentation.
A single class, year or full school assembly to talk about Tim Peake’s Principia mission. This fun, audience-participation presentation has been specifically designed to educate, entertain and engage active minds. It encourages children to aim for their goals, and take up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects. This is especially true for girls, who must be wholeheartedly encouraged to take STEM subjects going forward to develop their careers.

Bottle Rocket Design and Launch workshops.
Class workshops where the students design and build their own bottle rockets.
I encourage them to try different designs, to attempt the best rocket flight possible on launching. Once completed, the rockets will be launched safely in the playground or playing field using water and compressed air.
If time permits, or older pupils are involved, an added extension to this lesson is to look at each design and identify if their designs worked (or not) during the launch. The students can then work out what effect each addition to their rocket had and look at how they would change their original design to improve future launches. Real Rocket Science!



Presenter-led planetarium show.
Our planetarium shows reproduce the night sky in all its wonderful glory. The students always gasp out when the sky darkens and the stars appear, with The Milky Way stretching right the way across the darkened dome. They sit under a full sky of stars, and will be taken on a guided tour around the night sky. I will recount some of the mythological stories associated with some of the constellations, looking at some of the fabulous objects that can be seen, as well as over-viewing many astronomical concepts. The content has been specifically designed to supplement and re-enforce the current National Curriculum at all key stages to support their lessons. The presenter-led show encourages all students to answer or ask questions throughout the show.
I do not just play a full-dome movie.
My aim is to fully involve and engage children in the planetarium show and enhance their education.
Up to 6 planetarium shows can be performed in a full school day.

Our 5m planetarium needs a lot of space and a clean floor to be set up.
Hall / Gym size needs to be a minimum size of 6 metres x 6 metres and a height clearance of at least 5 metres.
A maximum of 25 students at a time can be accommodated in each show.

Click on the E Mail address below to contact me to arrange a visit to your school.

I have a current DBS Certificate, but a teacher must be present at all times during the lessons, workshops and planetarium shows.

All our electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety.
They undergo an annual In-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment (PAT Test), to ensure complete safety.