Occutation of Uranus – New Years Day evening.

This evening, The Moon moves in front of (Occults) Uranus.

It won’t be as spectacular as December’s occultation of Mars, but will still be interesting to observe or image.

With Uranus being a lot smaller and fainter than Mars, the event will also be a bit more challenging.

From my location, the event starts at 22:43:30 UT, when the dark part of The Moon’s southern limb will start to move across Uranus’ tiny disk.

From my location, Uranus does not hide too deeply behind the southern limb of The Moon and reappears at the bright limb less than 10 minutes later.

The event is over for me by 22:51:55 UT.

If you are further north from me Uranus will disappear earlier and dive deeper behind the Moon and the occultation will last a bit longer.
If you are much further south from me in Northamptonshire, The Moon will either produce a grazing occultation or miss Uranus completely.

Start and end times will differ depending on your location.

The animation below shows the occultation as seen from my location
Animation produced using Stellarium.

Let’s hope we have some clear skies.

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