Moon & Planet Imaging Workshop – 22nd February 2020


A hands-on workshop on how to take images of The Moon and the planets.

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This hands on workshops explains all about the The Moon and planets and how to take images of them effectively.

It will take you through taking your videos, and suggest which settings to use using different software, such as Sharpcap or Firecapture.

It will then show you how to process the videos to produce a single image using the free software AutoStakkert!

We will then use the Registax (also free) to sharpen the image.

Afterwards I will show you how to perform further sharpening, colour extraction and final polishing of the image using Photoshop.
(Most of the techniques used in Photoshop could be achieved using other image processing software packages).

Bring in your laptop, which will require working copies of all the software, as the afternoon is very much hands-on processing.

I will bring some of my own images for you to work on, but it would be much better if you had some of your own.

So bring along your laptop and let’s get imaging The Moon and Planets.