UK Star Parties

Star Parties in the United Kingdom.

These meetings of like-minded astronomy enthusiasts gather in organised events in parts of the country which are renowned for their dark skies to enjoy the night sky in all its glory. Camping is affordable and these events are usually are heavily over-subscribed, so early booking is advised.

They are highly sociable events with lots of people taking scopes of all shapes and sizes. People are always more than willing to let you look through their telescopes, so you don’t need to own one yourself, or be very knowledgeable to join in.

These events are scattered throughout the year but mainly take place in Spring & Autumn usually held as close as possible to the New Moon to ensure dark skies.

Please let me know if any of these details are out of date, or there are others I have not yet stumbled across.

Astrocamp. Brecon Beacons

Autumn Equinox Sky Camp. Kelling Heath, Norfolk.

Brecon Astrocamp. Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Dalby Forest Starfest.

Dark Skies Festival.

Galloway Gathering.

Haw Wood Farm Star Party.
Stargazing camping events in Suffolk.

Hay on Wye Dark Skies festival.
Link looks like the link is broken

Isle Of Wight Star Party.
This is no longer running.

Kielder Forest Star Camp.

Mayo Dark Sky Festival.

Northumberland StarFest.

Peak Star Party. Buxton, Derbyshire.

Skellig Star Party.

Stargazers Lounge (SGL) Star Party.

Solarsphere – Astronomy & Music Festival. Buith Wells, Wales.

Spring Star Party. Kelling Heath, Norfolk.

Starfest Dalby Forest. Dalby Forest, North York Moors.

Winterfest Star Party. Kelling Heath, Norfolk.

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If I have missed any events out, or any of the details are wrong, please let me know.