Mobile Planetariums and Covid-19

Working alongside The British Association of Planetaria (BAP) ( Star-Gazing is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone who visits our planetarium.

Safety has always been the number one priority for all planetarium operators, so that our visitors can confidently immerse themselves and enjoy an amazing dome experience in a relaxing environment.

The Covid -19 pandemic prompted BAP to review of procedures in relation to planetariums to make them Covid-19 secure.

To draw up effective plans, BAP initiated two conferences. One for larger fixed domes and one for mobile domes.
This bought together the collective experience of many operators across the country to ensure that all planetariums are doing their upmost to ensure the safety of their visitors.

The presence of this virus presents challenges and concerns for all of us, but with effective, carefully-considered precautions and putting appropriate procedures in place, operators can once again start to offer exciting dome experiences.

As planetariums start to get back to some sort of normality, we believe the agreed combined precautions will effectively reduce any infection risk as much as reasonably possible. This provides reassurance to those planning to book visits from us.

As we look forward to coming out and meeting everyone again, once we do get out and about again, be assured that our planetarium will be operating a Covid-19 safe environment, taking into account any current government guidelines at the time of our visit.

We really look forward to visiting you all again very soon.