Virtual Astronomy Club


The free Virtual Astronomy Club is currently running two evenings a week.

7:00pm BST (6:00 pm UT) on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Let’s keep sharing the passion for our hobby.

If we do find yourself unable to connect as we have hit our 100 limit, you should be able to follow proceedings over on my Youtube channel (where it is possible to live-stream the talks):

Links to our previous meetings are at the bottom of this page.


Meeting ID: 864 9340 6434
Don’t forget the password: 002988

We can chat, rant, or share what we’ve been up to with the clear skies we get.

Got some pictures? How about showing them to everyone?
If you do not want to present, or don’t have facilities to show them, send them to me.
It would be nice to show them at the general meetings or in between times.

Send in any questions to me for the Q&A session on the 16th of April.
Or if you’ve got a presentation you’d like to do, let me know.

A few people contacted me to see if they can donate towards a Zoom license to extend the sessions beyond 40 minutes.
I set up a Paypal donate button below for people to do this.

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC – Thank you everyone.
Your contributions have covered the Zoom license fee.

As a result I have purchased the full Zoom license and we will no longer have time restrictions for any of our meetings.
Thank you all so very much for making this work.

I’ll keep striving to find some great speakers for you.

I intend to keep this club going after the lock down ends.
Social media is great, but these face-to-face live interactions are infinitely better.


Virtual Astronomy Club Files.

Any of the presentations and files shared between the group can be accessed from this Dropbox folder.

Coming Meetings.

Tuesday – 2nd June 7:00pm.
Dr Susan Cartwright.
Footprints of The Big Bang.

Thursday – 4th June 7:00pm.
General Discussion and social get-together.

Tuesday – 9th June 7:00pm.
Robin Scagell.
Subject TBC

Thursday – 11th June 7:00pm.
General Discussion and social get-together.

If anyone else would like to present something, show their pictures, share what you’ve seen online, or anything else astronomy related, please do feel free to join in the melee.

If you have any ideas for the club, pitch right in.

Sessions for the basic package I am using only allow a 40 minute meeting.
So if you have a presentation it will need to be about 30 minutes long.

At intervals we’ll also try and do some live streaming through the telescope.
If you have the setup to be able to do this, please let me know.

I’m hoping that it will feel just like attending a real club and bring a little bit of “normality” back into our lives and help us keep sharing our passion for astronomy.

So if you want to be part of this, come and join us.

Everyone is very welcome.

Virtual Zoom meetings have been organised for 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We can organise more if there is enough interest.

Let me know if you need some guidance on how to get Zoom set up.

If you are thinking of organising a meeting yourself, let me know.
I can add yours meeting to the list for others to join in.

Only 100 people can join using this Zoom package, so get yourself into the waiting room a little bit before the start time to avoid being locked out.

If we do find yourself unable to connect as we have hit our 100 limit, you should be able to follow proceedings over on my Youtube channel:

You can still post questions to the speaker on YouTube while the presentation is running, although there is a little bit of a delay in the stream. I’ll keep and eye out for any questions posted and ask the speaker them at the end of their presentation.

Let’s keep Astronomy sociable folks.

Join the Virtual Astronomy Club meetings by clicking the links below.

If we do find yourself unable to connect as we have hit our 100 limit, you should be able to follow proceedings over on my Youtube channel, if we are able to livestream the talk:

It is the same link for both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s meetings

Meeting ID: 864 9340 6434
Password: 002988

See you all online soon.

Keep Looking Up!


Past Events.

Saturday 30th May.
LIVE Launch Party tonight for the second attempt of the
Falcon 9 Crew Dragon launch from Cape Canaveral.
****Doug & Bob’s Accelerant Adventure.****
It was a very successful live event with us all getting together to watch this historic launch.

Thursday 28th May.
General get-together.
How to computer control a mount.

Wednesday – 27th May.
Crewed launch from Cape Canaveral.
Launch Scrubbed. But we all went outside and saw the ISS go over.
Plus I was able to live stream video images of The Moon.

Tuesday – 26th May 7:00pm.
Mike Frost.
How To Lose Weight.

Thursday – 21st May
Phil Price. Missions To The Sun.
Plus what to see in the sky.

Tuesday – 19th May.
Peter Jenkins.
My Astrophotography Journey.
Peter’s Web site:
Telescope Live:

Thursday – 14th May.
Latest on the comets and what to look for in the sky.
Plus a run through of Affinity Photo to show it is used for processing astrophotography images.

Tuesday – 12th May.
David Warrington.
The Scottish Dark Skies Observatory.

Thursday 7th May.
John McEvoy – Asteroids Bennu and Ryugu.
Dave Eagle – Update on Comet SWAN and what we MIGHT expect.
Here is the link to Stuart Atkinson’s Flickr site where he has posted lots of maps for Comet SWAN.

Tuesday – 5th May.
Pete Lawrence.
Upcoming Observing Challenges.

Click here to watch Pete’s presentation on YouTube.

Here are some links to lists of Moon Clair-Obscure features Pete mentioned:
Astronomy Magazine.–on-the-moon
Mary McIntyre’s Lunar X & V Spotting Guide.
Sky & Telescope’s Lunar 100 Observing Guide.

Thursday – 30th April.
Roger gave us some image processing demos using Pixinsight and StarStaX.
Ian also showed us some of his fabulous images and told us about his astrophotography journey.

Tuesday – 28th April.
Joint Meeting with NNHS Astronomy Section.
Bob Lambourne
Developments in the Science of Black Holes.
We were unable to record Bob’s presentation. Sorry.

Joint Meeting with Go Space Watch to mark the 30th anniversary of the deployment of The Hubble Space Telescope.
Dr Steve Barratt.
The Legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope.

The presentation can now be watched on YouTube:

A pdf file of the talk Steve’s  be downloaded from here:

Thursday – 23rd April. 7pm BST (6pm UT).
Question and answer session and sharing of recent astronomy images / observations.
Live streaming of Venus (if clear).
Phil Price. Astronomy with a iPhone.
Sandy Whitton. Recent images.

Tuesday – 21st April.
Paul Fellows.

Hawking’s Black Holes and the Edge of Physics.

Pauls’ presentation can be viewed on YouTube.

Thursday – 16th April. 
Many thanks to Roger, Kevin and David for sharing their pictures and astronomical journeys.

Here are the links to the OU online courses.

The Royal Astronomical Society are hosting an online talk to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope  – Book via Eventbrite.   

Tuesday – 14th April. 
Terry Lovejoy (Comet discoverer extraordinaire).
Terry Lovejoy’s Top Ten Comets.
Watch on YouTube.

Saturday 11th April.
Dave Eagle – Apollo 13 50th Anniversary Presentation.
Saving Apollo 13: Houston We’ve Had a Problem.

Joint meeting with Go Space Watch.

The presentation is now available to watch on YouTube.

Thursday – 9th April.
Szabolcs Nagy (Space Station Guys – @metrolinaszabi).
ISS Imaging and Demonstration.

Szabi’s Presentation is now available to watch on Youtube:

Tuesday – 7th April. 
John Spencer – Planetary Scientist and New Horizons Science Team Member.
A Billion Miles Beyond Pluto: New Horizons Explores Kuiper Belt Object Arrokoth.
I was hoping this presentation had been uploaded to Youtube, but it wasn’t. Sorry.

Steve Tonkin – Two Eyes Are Better Than One. 2nd April 2020.
Download Steve’s presentation by clicking the image below to visit our Dropbox folder.

Dave EagleSolar Webcam Image Processing.
Download the AVI from the solar imaging demo from here:
I would be really interested in seeing what people can do with the image.

Shaun ReynoldsShooting The Milky Way. 

Julian Onion – Dark Matter. 24th of March 2020
Click on the image below to download Julian’s slides.