Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – 10th January.

The day of the penumbral lunar eclipse was bright and sunny, so it looked quite hopeful that it would be clear to catch the penumbral lunar eclipse that evening.

As the sky darkened, some thin cloud built up. So in anticipation I set up the 190 Mak-Newt and let it cool down before The Moon poked its nose above the neighbours rooftops.

As soon as it cleared the roof, The Moon mostly stayed clear of cloud for the early part of the eclipse.

So it was on.

I managed to capture a few images with my Nikon DSLR, but the thin cloud was gradually getting thicker as the eclipse progressed.

Here’s The Moon taken at mid-eclipse at 19:10 UT.

Towards the end of the eclipse a nice lunar halo formed, but by the time I got my other camera out to capture an image, it had faded.

I took 5 images in total.

So I made an animation from them to show the progression of the shadow across the Moons disk.

My animation of the Earth's shadow playing across The Moon's surface. Pity the latter images were ruined by thin cloud. But at least I got to see it.

Posted by Dave Eagle on Friday, 10 January 2020

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