Testimonials from Children

Below are some of the comments that children have sent me after visiting their school.
After all, this is what it’s all about, inspiring the younger generation.
They do make me quite emotional, I must admit.
I really will treasure these comments and the letters I get sent.

Here’s a wonderful video that was posted by Mrs Wood’s Class on Twitter:

“That’s the best space thing I’ve been in, ever!”.

“I liked it and I laughed at the planets. It happened all around our heads. I loved the Earth the most.”

“It was great because space was just all around us!”

“It was really unique – my favourite bit was when the rocket launched over my head.”

“It was amazing because I learnt so much about the universe, the planets and scientists.”

“Man! This is SICK!”

“That was Planetastic. Awesome!”

“It was so good. I had so much fun.”

“It was awesome. We had so much fun.”

“It was awesome”

“I loved your Space tent”

“I really liked it but I also didn’t want to get out.”

“It was so fun and really cool. It was amazing.”

“It was fun and now I’m energetic.”

“Happy excited and joyful for what we just saw.”

“I was excited to go into the planetarium.”

“I kept pointing stuff out and really enjoyed it.”

“Discovering and experiencing every detail so I can remember this colourful day because I really like that.”

“I was really excited and that it was very interesting.”

“I loved the Star Gazing Planetarium. It was amazing.”

“I really enjoyed the experience and I thought it was really fascinating.”

“I loved your space tent.”

“It was crazy fun.”

“It was cool and mind blowing.”

“That was sick.”

“It was awesome.”

“It was cool.”

“Can we do it all again?”

“I adore the bit where you said ‘Don’t let anyone ruin your dream’.”

“I think you’ve got a cool job being an astronimer.”

“We really enjoyed you teaching us. I hope you can visit us again soon.”

“This was one of the best assemblies ever.”

“As well as being very funny it taught us about Newton’s Third Law.”

“That was probably the best day of my life.”

“I had an absolute blast in assembly.”

“My mind exploded when I found out about the rockets we were about to build. Please don’t get me started how excited I was when we were about to launch them”

“Everything you told us I really enjoyed and it was really inspiring.”

“While you were here I learnt lots of things about space.”

“Thank you for joining us to do our rocket workshop and doing your amazing assemble about Tim Peake.”

“Thank you again for making the first day of our Space Week so special and fun.”

“I’m sorry that you got wet.”

“Although we didn’t know what Newton’s third law was as soon as you described the theory, we understood straight away.”

“Thank you for bringing an enjoyment to our space week.”

“Thank you for spending your time with us and making our first day of Space Week amazing.”

“While you were talking about space I learned so much.”

“Thank you very much for making the space week the best week ever!”

“It was so interesting. I had a brilliant day.”

“I had a great day.”

“Thank you again for making my first day of space week amazing.”

“The assembly was really informational and funny.”

“Thank you for making the start of our space week amazing.”

“Talking about Tim Peake was such fun.”

“Although space isn’t my favourite thing, it is now. I wasn’t thinking about it all the time now I am.”

“Thank you for coming in on Monday it was amazing.”

“Although I wanted an explosion I wasn’t disappointed. Our rocket went pretty high.”

“When you came here I learnt a lot about space.”

“I was scared in case my rocket was going to land on my head.”

“It was funny when you got wet.”

“Newton’s third law is about equal and opposite forces. Although most people didn’t understand Newton;s third lay I definitely did”

“I thought your joke’s were funny.”
(Probably the only person who does).

“My favourite part was when we launched the rockets.”

“When you talked about Tim Peake I learnt so many things. I like Newton’s third law too.”

“It’s a miracle how much I learnt on Monday.”

“We really appreciate you showing us about space, launching a rocket and how gravity works.”

“I liked assembly because Isaac Newtons and gravity is interesting.”

“I’ve had a lovely time with you teaching us about space.”

“It was so brilliant and interesting.”

“Never in my life had I learnt so much about space.”

“It was hilarious.”

“During your visit, I learnt facts about space and rockets  I never knew before.”

“Thank you for making the beginning of space week great.”

“I found your workshop very interesting.”

“I enjoyed the assembly”

“I had a brilliant time and I enjoyed learning all the facts.”

“Thank you for visiting and making space week extra special.”

“It was fascinating learning about space.”

“When you said you had some guns in the box I was a little nervous. It was cool how you showed us how rockets launch off using Nerf guns.”

“I had a great time.”

“I really enjoyed the rocket workshop. It was so funny when the rocket got stuck in the hedge.”

“Thank you again for teaching us so much about space.”

“In assembly I learnt lots of new facts. I understood the science”

“While you were here I couldn’t believe how much I learnt about space!”

“Thank you again for making the beginning of space week so brilliant.”

“We all really loved launching the rocket because it was a very interesting topic.”

“Making the rockets was really fun.”

“During your visit, I learnt some amazing things about space.”

“I loved all of your facts and now I know a lot more about space.”

“Thank you again for telling us all about those wonderful facts.”

“It was fantastic!”

“Thank you again for telling us the brilliant facts about space.”

“It was a brilliant day.”

“Thank you for the space week assembly. It was amazing.”

“It was amazing and a real learning experience.”

“The slide show was really inspirational and educational.”

“I am extremely grateful for your hard-work. I really enjoyed it and learnt lots.”

“I loved it when you talked about space. I loved it when we made the rockets. I learned so much.”

“I went to STEM not long ago, they taught me about gravity, but you taught me even more!”

“Best assembly ever.”

“During your time visiting us, we learned a lot (a huge amount) about space.”