Kelling Sky Camp is a-coming.

Preparations now being made for next weeks Autumn Equinox Sky Camp at Kelling Heath.

This annual pilgrimage is made by hundreds of like-minded astronomy devotees, who love nothing more that standing out under the cloudy sky and socialising. Well, we do get some clear skies quite frequently, but the event is always eagerly anticipated and definitely sociable. Clear skies are a bonus.

We are on the Red Field this year, and will be there from the Thursday until Sunday.
If you haven’t booked a pitch, you’re far too late, but some spare pitches have recently been advertised, so have a look round to see if you can catch one. It might also be worthwhile ringing Kelling directly and seeing if they have had any cancellations. I know some people have picked up pitches at short notice this way.

So, today’s task in hand? Get myself out in the garage and get sorting out all that camping gear.

Next job: Decide what astronomy equipment to bring along. Do I go along with all guns blazing, or just take it easy with the Dob?

Oooh!! Decisions, decisions.


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