Spot an extremely thin crescent Moon

On Monday the 6th of May, Bank Holiday Monday, an extremely thin crescent Moon should be visible very low down in the western sky just as the sky gets dark.

Look towards the West at about 19:50 UT (20:50 BST) and you should be able to see something like the picture below.

The thin crescent is only 3.8% illuminated, with the dark portion of the Moon strongly lit by earthshine, as soon as the sky gets dark enough to see it.

The Moon will only be about 11 degrees above the horizon at this time.

So get yourself a good western horizon and clouds permitting, let’s see see if you can spot this very young 1.8 day old Moon.

The Moon will have set by 21h 11m UT (22h 11m BST).

Good luck.


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