Affinity Photo Astrophotography Image Processing Guide

I am very pleased to announce that my new Star-Gazing Guide to Affinity Photo Astrophotography Image Processing is now available to order.

Click here to visit my Secure Online Shop to order a copy.

Affinity Photo guide is 70 pages long and usually costs £9:50.
This includes postage and Packing (UK Only).
Oversees visitors, please contact me for postage costs.

This new guide is available at launch cost of £8:00 until the end of February. Saving £1:50 on full price.

My Photoshop Astrophotography Image Processing Guide is also available for £9:50.

Deep Sky Stacker and Moon Imaging Guides (40 & 48 pages) are also available. They cost £8:00 each, including  postage (UK Only).
Please contact me if overseas for postage costs.

All of my guides can be ordered from my secure online shop:
Click here to visit my new Secure Online Shop to order.

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