Peterborough Astronomical Society – 2nd August 2018

Here we go again. 🙂 More Tim Peake fun and games for all ages.

@Flat_Tim, Buzz and I will be out once again on Thursday the 2nd of August.

This time it’s a visit to my old friends at Peterborough Astronomical Society.

The title of the audience-participation presentation evening is my ever popular:
“Celebrate Tim Peake’s Principia Mission”.


I am looking forward to meeting up with this group again at Sacrewell Farm.

Like all my other visits out with this presentation, I’m really looking forward to having a lot of fun with them all during the audience participation bits. As I know them well, I have a few “victims” I can call on if no willing volunteers come forward.
I’m sure that, like the other groups I have taken this presentation to, that they will really enjoy the fun evening planned for them. That’s if they’re not bored with me yet, as it was only a couple of months ago that I stood in for another speaker for them.

I wonder how keen they will be compared to some of the other groups about having their selfies taken with @Flat_Tim at the end of the evening.

All are very welcome, especially kids, as this presentation is aimed at any age group, from 10 – 110. So bring along your children, grandchildren and grandparents along.

So if you are in the area, come along and say “Hello”.

This is very timely as Tim’s Soyuz Capsule goes on display at Peterborough Cathedral on the 11th of August, until the 5th of November. Click this link for more details.
So if you can’t make my talk, make sure that you visit the Cathedral to see the Soyuz capsule (TMA-19M) and Sokol KV-2 space suit. There is also a virtual reality space descent simulator to enjoy.

Meeting starts at 7:30pm.

Venue: Sacrewell Farm
(Just off the A1).

For more details about Peterborough Astronomical Society, click this link:
Peterborough Astronomical Society.


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