One Million Interactions

One Million Interactions – Inspiring the next generation of space scientists.

The One Million Interactions programme is a partnership between the UK Space Agency, ESERO-UK, STEM Ambassadors and the Careers and Enterprise Company to support the UK space sector to deliver 1,000,000 interactions per year with young people. Each time you speak to one young person that counts as one interaction, so if you speak to a class of 30, that is 30 interactions. The programme will offer volunteering opportunities and bespoke training for STEM Ambassadors from the space sector.  We wish to re-engage with space employers to increase the number of volunteers and active engagement events within the Space Sector.

If you are an Ambassador working in the space industry, or wish to engage with STEM activities with Space as a theme, we would love you to link into this initiative. 

If wish to link to this scheme please contact your regional STEM Ambassador Hub here

or E Mail Kathryn Kroon

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