Nene Valley Astronomical Society – 19th February

After a short rest, @Flat_Tim, Buzz and I will be out presenting once again.
This time we will be visiting my closest astronomy group, Nene Valley Astronomical Society, on Monday the 19th of February.
I will be presenting my ever popular audience-participation evening:
“Celebrate Tim Peake’s Principia Mission”.


I am looking forward to seeing my old friends once again.

Like all my other visits out with this presentation, I’m really looking forward to having a lot of fun with them during the audience participation bits. I’m sure that, like the other groups I have taken this presentation to, that they will really enjoy the evening we have got planned for them.

I wonder how keen they will be compared to the other groups about having their selfies taken with @Flat_Tim.

All are very welcome, especially kids above 10 years old (That includes me!).

So if you are in the area, come along and say “Hello”.

The meeting starts at 8:00pm.

Cost £3:00 per person.

Chelveston Village Hall,
Caldecott Road,

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