Lincoln Astronomical Society. 1st August 2017.

On Tuesday the 1st of August I will making my second visit to Lincoln Astronomical Society to present to them: Rosetta & Philae: From Concept To Reality


My second favourite presentation has been updated to include the conclusion of this spectacular mission to Comet 67P – Churyumov-Gerasimenko, right down to its final image and some of the latest findings.

There is also a chance, courtesy of Dr Colin Snodgrass from the Open University, for the audience to sniff Comet 67P where I will collecting opinions on what the audience think it smells like.

So, if you’re in the area, come along, say “Hello” and enjoy my presentation.

Meeting starts at 7:30pm at their observatory and lecture facility:

23 Westcliffe Street

2 thoughts on “Lincoln Astronomical Society. 1st August 2017.

  1. Thanks Dave for a most entertaining presentation with superb images and animations.
    Best wishes, Graham

    1. Thank you for your kind review Graham. As you can see I enjoy doing these presentations and glad that you enjoyed it as well. All best wishes and clear skies. Dave

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