ASIAIR Pro Plus – First Impressions

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be accepted as an ASIAIR Pro Plus Experience Officer.
What the heck does that mean?
Well, having used the ASIAIR Pro since last year, the manufacturers ZWO were looking for people who posted online content to receive one with a big discount and test out their new ASIAIR Pro Plus. So how could I refuse?

After it taking a bit of a tour round Asia and Europe, I eventually received mine and have now taken it out twice to see how it performs.

So here’s what you get in the box:

Of course the Plus has the external aerial, which everyone is hoping will solve the weak WiFi signal.

Included are a USB cable and a few power cables.

A USB stick was included with the previous version, but not with the Plus.
But you can still use a USB stick to transfer files from it.

The Plus is slightly bigger that the Previous AAP Pro.
(Thanks Stu, now you mention it looks like Spiderman’s Router, I just can’t drop that impression from my mind).

It has the same USB3 and USB2 ports and Ethernet ports.
In this view you can also see it is a bit thinner.
It is also a little it lighter:

The Power Ports have lights above them, so you can see when they are powered up:

On the other side of the Plus there is now a USB-C and an DS Card slot, both used to transfer files:
Annoyingly, if you are using the securing holes to attach the dovetail foot or the clamp, it covers these up.
It would be really annoying to have to remove this each time to use them.

So that’s what it looks like, the next thing was to put it through its paces and see how I got on with it.
I managed to get two clear nights since it arrived.
I will post a following blog entry to let you know how I got on.



2 thoughts on “ASIAIR Pro Plus – First Impressions”

  1. Hi Dave, they are a great concept but hold you captive to using only ZWO cameras with exception to a dslr which I don’t use, if they opened it up to more camera manufacturers I probably would buy one. Don’t know if your aware that RVO sell a ZWO Wi-Fi extender for £39 cheaper than £300 for a new unit, and some electronic wizards on eBay will fit a aerial for around £50 still a lot cheaper. There is another option using a RPI4 mini computer with software costs around £160, I did try this but couldn’t get on with the software it was probably just me as so many other people have great success with it. There are so many options out there its really quite difficult to know which way to go and really expensive if you make a wrong turn. anyway stay safe and keep shouting at the clouds.

    1. I bought my Vonets extender for £17 off Amazon.
      I already had ZWO cameras, so it wasn’t a difficult decision for me.
      It really has made my life a lot easier and has transformed my imaging.
      It also means I can sit inside and monitor what’s going on.
      Well handy as I’m getting a bit older now, plus the nights are getting colder.
      Where’s me blankey?

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