Apollo 11 Timeline – 22nd July 1969

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A much easier day on the Apollo 11 timeline for the astronauts today as they separate from the Lunar Module, break out of lunar orbit and begin their journey back towards Earth.

00:02:01 – Command-Service_Module (CSM)/ Lunar Module (LM) final separation ignition.

00:02:08 – CSM/LM final separation cutoff.

The astronauts do two more orbits of The Moon.

04:55:42 – Trans-earth injection ignition.

04:58:13 – Trans-earth injection cutoff.

The CSM is now coasting back towards Earth.

20:01:57 – Mid-course correction ignition.

20:02:07 – Mid-course correction cutoff.

The intrepid crew are now safely on their way home.

They can now watch The Moon getting smaller and the Earth getting bigger.

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