Photoshop Image Processing Workshop – 23rd November.


My hands-on step-by-step Photoshop Astrophotography Image Processing Workshop will show you how to get the best out of your astrophotographs using easy to follow Photoshop workflows.

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Photoshop has always been a very useful tool for tweaking the best out of your astrophotography images.

Unfortunately, the power of Photoshop software is also its biggest downfall and can at first be quite intimidating, due to the complexity of the software.
It has a steep learning curve, which many of us difficult hard to scale.

Venue yet to be confirmed but will be near the NN10 postcode area around Higham Ferrers.

My very much hands-on workshop covers the following techniques helping you over that hurdle:

The theory of astro imaging and why we need to process our images to get the best out of them.

Then showing easy step-by-step workflows on how to use Photoshop in as simple a way as possible, including:

Curves. – To stretch the image to reveal the faint data.

Levels. – Similar to the above, and to help balance the image.

Layers. – Using layers to build up an image, and the use of luminosity Layers.

Saturation. – Revealing colour from within images.

Layer Masking. – To ensure fainter parts of the image show up without over-exposing the bright parts.

Un-sharp Masking. – To help bring out even more detail in deep sky objects.

Plug-ins. – Some free and paid for plug-ins that are definitely worth-while investing in and will help get the very best out of astronomy images.

Bring in your laptop, which will require a full working version of Photoshop (Elements does not have all the functions that we will use), as the afternoon is very much hands-on processing.

I will bring some of my own images for you to work on, but it would be much better if you had some of your own.