Starting Astrophotography Workshop – 18th January 2020


Join me for a repeat of my highly successful Astrophotography Workshop, with a broad overview astrophotography and webcam imaging, with hands-on practice.

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Join me for a day to learn all about the basics of imaging the night sky and webcam imaging.

This will be held on Saturday the 14th of September.
Venue: Near Raunds Northamptonshire, Venue to be confirmed.
The workshop will cover the following:
The theory of astrophotography and why we need to post-process our images to get the best out of them.
Taking a static image of the night sky using a camera and tripod to produce wide angle constellation shots and star trails.
Taking static images of the night sky and stacking them to produce deeper shots, such as showing the Milky Way.
These are both demonstrated using the free software Startrails and Deep Sky Stacker.
We will also look at how to image the Moon and planets using a webcam.
The processing of the videos are then demonstrated using the free software AutoStakkert! and Registax.
Some further simple image processing will also be demonstrated in Photoshop.
The afternoon will be dedicated to cover everything you need to know about how to process your images, with lots of hands-on image processing methods to learn how to process your images using the software mentioned.
If you can bring in your own images to work on that would be best, but I will bring in enough of my own for you to use on the day.
Bring your laptops in for the hands-on part of the afternoon.
The software only works in a Windows environment, I’m afraid.

So book your space, bring in your laptop and let’s get imaging.